Before we get to what our appointment cancellation policy is, we thought we’d take a minute beforehand to explain why a cancellation policy is needed in the first place. In Washington state, massage therapists are classified as piece-meal workers. Rather than a typical hourly-rate worker who is paid per the amount of time that they’re on-the-clock at work, piece-meal workers are paid per session that they perform. What this means is that if a therapist has an opening in their schedule, they don’t get paid for that time despite being at work. For this reason, we have an appointment cancellation policy in place to ensure that therapists receive at least partial income for the lost work time that results if a client cancels on too short of notice to have that spot refilled.

For the cancellation policy itself, we require that all first-time clients at our spa prepay the full amount of the scheduled service at the time of booking, and we do require 24 hours or more prior notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment without penalty. Should a client reschedule, cancel or no-show for an appointment, the prepayment will apply to the cancelation fee per the following policy: If a client contacts us to cancel an appointment with less than the 24-hour’s notice of the start time, there will be a 50% charge of the scheduled services, including any add-on services. If a client does not show up to an appointment and does not provide prior notice of the absence, the client will be charged the full price of the service scheduled. The spa realizes that there are many things that come up in people’s day to day lives, and while we’re truly sympathetic to unexpected circumstances, the spa and our therapists cannot absorb the financial loss of last-minute cancellations. The spa does not double book appointment times but rather reserves specific times for each client out of respect for affording individual care. In fairness to all clients, this policy is in effect regardless of the reason for the cancellation.

Spa Massages

Treating yourself doesn’t have to be hard work anymore! Our membership program was created to make spa services more affordable for our clients! How it works: Once per month, $80 will be automatically charged to the credit card saved to your account (a $10 discount from our usual $90 price), which will give you one hour of credit that can be used towards a massage service. This credit never expires and will remain on your account until used!

Whether you need general relaxation or targeted therapy, we listen to our clients to ensure that your goals are achieved during the session. From normal wear and tear on the body to acute injuries, from massage during cancer treatments to massage during pregnancy, we can help with it all! We even offer massage for infants and teens*, hoping to treat tension early before muscles solidify into bad habits in adulthood. Helping treat the next generation before they grow up to have the same problems that we do is crucial!

*We ask that a parent be in the room while a minor is receiving any treatment. If a parent is comfortable with their minor seeing a therapist without the parent’s supervision, we have a waiver available to be signed

30 Minute Session ($45)

Limited time on your schedule? Just need work on tension that’s been building in your neck and upper back? Or perhaps your hands and feet need lots of attention from all they do for us every day? Our half hour session is perfect for one or two focus areas before getting you back to your busy day!

60 Minute Session ($90)

Our most commonly scheduled session length is for one hour. An hour allows for a focus area while still quickly getting in full body, or perhaps targeting only upper or lower body. Many people don’t realize the amount of tension that builds up in their body and the negative effects that it can bring, so an hour session is great for helping treat stress or pain!

90 Minute Session ($135)

An hour and a half session is great for targeting more than one focus area while still leaving plenty of time to work everywhere else. It also provides a great opportunity to try out one of our add-ons listed below! This session length is the best value for your money, as well as it providing the best overall benefits to your muscles. If you would like to schedule an hour and a half massage, please contact the spa directly.

Do you have insurance that covers massage?

While our spa will no longer accept insurance directly as of July 1*, certain insurance plans will allow partial reimbursement to clients if they submit receipts for their sessions. Since this benefit varies per insurance company and plan, each client would need to contact their insurance company directly to ask them if this benefit is available under their plan.

*We will continue accepting L&I (Labor and Industry) and PIP (Personal Injury Protection) clients after July 1.

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