Treat Yourself Day Spa offers a variety of enhancement services which will allow you to have a full spa experience. These enhancements provide a number of ways to alleviate ailments, or maximize the enjoyment of your session! You can book these enhancements when you schedule your massage or manicure/pedicure to enjoy a true “spa” day! Add-ons can be included during any base service, whether you’re using insurance or paying cash, but please keep in mind that insurance companies don’t cover the cost of enhancements; all add-on services are paid for separately by the client.

Aroma Therapy ($10)

Aroma therapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses natural plant materials (essential oils) to promote good health. This oil is used on the body as well as in the treatment room to maximize its therapeutic benefits. Relax and breath in the beautiful fragrance. We use NYR organic products to help relieve tight sore muscles as well as headaches. Order products online.

Hot Stones ($10)

Hot Stone is a great addition to any session, especially during colder months! Heat is an especially therapeutic property for the body, allowing deeper layers of the muscles to be worked without needing to use more pressure, promoting fuller relaxation than traditional massage and increasing circulation. Basalt stones are heated and used as an extension of the therapist’s hands and are used in a combination of still placement as well as integrated into Swedish massage and trigger point techniques in order to achieve the right balance of relaxation and treatment for you! Don’t miss out on the calming and centering benefits of hot stone massage!

Paraffin Wax ($10)

This massage includes a relaxing massage with the use of Paraffin wax on your hands and feet. For years, the application of paraffin has been used as a healing therapy. Paraffin has pain-relieving properties and can rejuvenate the skin.

CBD Pain Relief ($10)

CBD Clinic Level 2 pain relief cream with Camphor and Arnica extract for temporary, mild to moderate aches and pains that have been isolated in the muscles and joints. For uncomfortable, non-debilitating pain, use Level 2 pain relief which can soothe those nagging pain symptoms.

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