Important! Upcoming TYDS Business Changes

Hello to all of our clients, and we hope that Spring is starting off well for all of you! We’re excited to let you know that 2022 marks Treat Yourself Day Spa’s 15th year in business! Thank you all so much for your loving support for me, my staff, and the business. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you all!

While owning a small business over the years has been extremely rewarding on a personal level, right now just staying in business is a huge struggle, especially when taking health insurance. In the past, we’ve shared with you how insurance prices essentially haven’t increased in those 15 years, and there’s no sign that insurance companies are willing to increase payouts to a modern rate anytime soon. We’ve been working really hard to continue accommodating our clientele, which is overwhelmingly insurance-based, but unfortunately with the cost of running a business having steadily increased over the years and insurance payouts remaining stagnant, we have to make a change to our business in order to avoid closing our doors altogether.

Therefore, effective July 1, 2022, we will be switching to a cash-only basis and will unfortunately no longer be able to accept insurance. We’ll be offering weekly ($300), bi-monthly ($155), and monthly ($80) membership packages. We do understand that switching to a cash basis represents a significant financial increase to most of our clients who are used to paying a small copay amount, but unfortunately insurance companies themselves have made it financially unsustainable to remain in-network with them. Our membership rate of $75-80, which is $5-$10 below our regular cash rate of $85, is also a below average cash-rate for what is charged in Snohomish and King counties for an hour of massage, but we hope that by offering this discount, as well as various additional discounts throughout the year, it will help our clients adjust to this change

However, an important note is that once we switch to being out-of-network beginning July 1, your insurance company may reimburse you partially for the cost of massage. While each insurance company and plan is different, some do allow a client to submit a claim directly for each massage session in order for them to recoup some of what was paid for a cash rate massage. Between now and then we, along with our billing expert, will do our best to come up with some general instructions on how to do that, but a starting point which each insurance-based client can currently do is to contact their insurance directly and see if in general their plan allows for massage reimbursement.

Additionally, we’ve included an anonymous survey at the bottom of this email to get an idea of how many clients will be realistically able to continue receiving massage at a cash rate, as well as how often. The survey only takes a couple of minutes to complete and we would be extremely grateful if every client could take the time to fill it out, as the results will be vital to the future of our spa. Beyond that, if you currently have regular appointments set at our spa and this business change will reduce your ability to receive care starting in July, please let us know by the end of April so that we can adjust our schedules accordingly. Please do keep in mind that there will be no changes to our business between now and June 30, and you can continue to utilize your insurance the same as you always have been until July 1.

Our spa has been built on and geared towards insurance-based clients from the beginning, so we hope you understand that this drastic change to our business was not made lightly. We truly hope to continue providing care to all of our current clients if possible, and we’ll do our best to find the balance of financial affordability for clients while ensuring that we can remain open for business. Any additional feedback can be included in the previously mentioned survey, which is below:

Thank you so much for your support throughout the years, and we’ll do everything we can to continue supporting you during these upcoming changes!

-Shannon and your TYDS family

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