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It’s hard to beat the glorious feeling that you experience when getting off the table after a deeply relaxing massage. The mind is free, the body is limber, and the spirit is at peace.

Remember that last time you felt that good? Is it as often as you’d like?

If you find yourself wishing that massage or facials were a more regular part of your routine, know that we offer a membership program to make it incredibly simple and convenient for you to book monthly massage or skin care appointments with us.

While the majority of our clients use insurance to help with the cost of massage, the membership program was created to make massage more affordable for our cash paying clients!

How It Works:

  • How it works: Once per month, $75 will be charged to the credit card you save on file for your membership (a $10 discount), which will give you one hour or credit that can be used towards a massage or facial services.
  • Schedule a massage or skin care service, and your session will be covered by your membership hour it’s that easy!
  • In addition to massage, our membership is also good for the following skin care services:
    • 45 min Illuminating Hydrating Facial
    • 45 min Be Clear Acne Purifying Facial
    • 45 min Antioxidant, Anti-Aging Facial
    • 45 min Detox Body Scrub

Additional Benefits of the Membership:

  • Any extra massages or skin care services a member receives in a month after using their membership hour are only $70 (a $15 total discount)!
  • Members may cancel their membership at any time for any reason you’re never locked into a contract!

If you’d like to become a member, give us a call (425-697-0823) today! You can also check our website or social media (TwitterInstagram or Facebook) for more details.

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