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As an added treat through the end of the year, when you check in to Treat Yourself Day Spa on any of your favorite social media, receive a FREE aromatherapy treatment! Just show us your phone checking in on your favorite social media app when you arrive and then pick out your favorite aromatherapy essential oil to enjoy while you’re getting a massage or skin care treatment!

Aromatherapy has many wonderful benefits.

When inhaled, the aromatic oils enter the nasal passages where they stimulate olfactory receptor sites and trigger nerve messages to the limbic center brain. That in turn stimulates physiological responses within the body via the nervous, endocrine or immune systems, affecting sensations of pleasure, pain centers of the brain, emotions, memory, sleep, appetite and sex.

There are many ways to use essential oils for inhalation including electric micro-mist diffusers, heat generated diffusion (candle diffuser, light bulb ring, Remedies to roll), spritzing, steaming and the favorite aromatic bath, which is also wonderful for the skin.

We offer a variety of scents, which you can use during your treatment. We use all-natural ingredients from Neal’s Yard Remedies. Established in 1981, NYR is a modern apothecary, creating award-winning natural and organic health and beauty. We also have essential oils and micro-mist diffusers for sale, so if you like what you see (or smell), take some home with you!

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